Percocet 10mg


Percocet is a combination medication created by combining two really strong pain suppressants oxycodone and acetaminophen. The combination of these medications gives a formulation that has qualities from both the components.


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What is Percocet 5/325?

Buy Percocet Online if you are looking for a painkiller. It is a common name in many different states all over the US and many other countries such as Canada. The main reason behind people using this medication is in the form of painkiller. There are many different painkillers available in the market and all of these painkillers have their own distinct properties. Among all these painkillers a very small number of painkillers are categorized as combination medications of combination painkillers. The main benefit of using percocet is that it has properties of various other painkillers all summed up into one single tablet that can easily be consumed by almost anyone.

What are combination medications?

Combination medications are certain medications that have different salts present in them. These medications have properties of all these salts summed up together. There are many different combination medications available in the market and nowadays people usually prefer combination medications over single salt medications. If a person takes a look at the medications that are available at a pharmacy than they will see that majority of medications present on the shelves are actually combination medications that could help treating multiple problems at a time.

In most of the combination medications one of the salts is the stronger in potency. This salt starts working as soon as the tablet is ingested by someone. The other salt or multiple salts are responsible for prolonging the effect caused by the first salt. This has solved many different problems. Earlier people used to take doses of one single salt again and again which burdened the body’s internal systems. Combination medications have solved this problem by prolonging the duration of one single dose.

What are the main salts present in percocet?

The main salts that are present in percocet are one of the most popular salts. These salts are known by almost everyone who knows a little bit about medications. The first salt present in this medication is oxycodone. Oxycodone is known to be one of the best painkillers in the world. Oxycodone is an opioid painkiller. This means it is a salt or a drug that has been extracted directly from the opium poppy. Opioids are known as one of the strongest painkillers and among all opioids, oxycodone is considered to be the strongest one in terms of potency. Oxycodone could be considered as the stronger salt in percocet as a combination mediation.

The other salt that is present in this medication is Paracetamol (acetaminophen). This name is known to almost everyone around the world. Almost every adult has used this medication, salt or drug at some stage of their lives. People like taking a Paracetamol (acetaminophen) tablet whenever they catch a flu or a cold. An average person at least takes this tablet once a month in most of the countries. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) is actually a milder or weaker painkiller as compared to oxycodone. Once oxycodone has done its work, Paracetamol (acetaminophen) will start showing its work. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) will slowly work and help in prolonging the pain relieving effects that were started by oxycodone. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) can prolong the effects of oxycodone to around 8 hours in many people, while the effects of just oxycodone alone could have lasted for around 3-4 hours.

What does a generic drug mean?

A generic drug is a drug that was once patented and produced by a certain pharmaceutical company. Over the passage of time the patent expired, as a result of which other companies had the right to produce that medication under their own name. These companies use the same salts that were present in the branded medication and just change the look and name of the tablets. In this case it contains oxycodone and Paracetamol (acetaminophen), the generic percocet will also have these two salts present in it. The only difference could be in the look of the generic tablets.

These tablets could sometimes be of a bit different color or shape. In many case the generic tablets could have the same shape and color, with a changed monogram or logo embossed on them. The performance and potency of the generic drug and a branded drug is same because FDA keeps an equally strong check on the quality of all these drugs. So rest assured when you buy generic percocet online or from some other source.

 Why are generic drugs less expensive than brand medication?

When a company produces a drug from scratch, it has to invest first. This company has its rights under the law to patent its products once the research process is over. On average a company can easily invest millions on researching a new medication and the research process could expand over years. So once such a drug is introduced into the market, the company’s first priority is to get all the money that it invested into research back along with some profits. This is the very reason why only one company is allowed to produce and sell certain medications.

Once the company’s investment and profits are made up for and the patent expires, the other companies are able to produce these drugs by just using the chemical formula. The cost of these companies in producing these medications is just the production cost, nothing else like research and all that. So these companies just makeup for their production costs and a small amount of profit. As a result of all this the consumers get medications at cheaper prices.

Are generic drugs safe as the brand drug?

Many people consider generic medications to be of inferior quality because they are available at lower prices in the market. This concern of majority of people is quite valid because in most of the cases lower prices mean lower quality. In the world of medications this isn’t true unless or until the medications are being produced by a manufacturer. These drugs have the same salts as the original medications. The quality is strictly monitored by FDA, which ensures that the medication is up to the standards.

At the same time the medications that are being sold by the street vendors and other scammers could be of low quality. So stay away from such suppliers and try to get your generic medication from good vendors and verified pharmacies. You should buy percocet online from us because we sell FDA approved medications that have to pass strict quality control and testing process.

How to determine if Percocet is good for you?

The best way to determine this is through a doctor. Only a doctor can professionally check and tell if this medication is good for you or not. A doctor will need to take a proper look at your medical background in order to see if this medication is good for you or not. So if you are planning to get percocet online than you should try to see a doctor before consuming this medication.

Yet if you are looking forward to use it without a doctor’s consent, even than you can use this medication. For this you should first of all have a pain in your body. This pain should be present in a certain part of the body. You should not use this medication for pains that are caused in the head due to anxiety and stress, for those pains you can order Xanax online. Percocet is for the pains that are caused when you hurt yourself. You can take these pills for pains like the ones when you hit your toe with table, you get a spasm playing baseball or you have undergone a surgery for a broken bone or any other reason recently. So buy percocet online for yourself or someone else if they are suffering from excruciating pain.

You can also keep these pills at home for times of emergencies. These pills can come in handy at times when you or someone else in your home gets hurt. These pills calm down the pain until you get proper medical attention for the cause of the pain.

What are the main Benefits of Percocet?

The main benefit of using this is the time for which it keeps on working within the body. When we compare it with other opioid medications than we will see that its affects last for a longer time. Most of the painkillers will work for around 2-4 hours for most of the people. After this people need to take another dose of the medication in order to get some relief for the pain. Taking doses of these medications again and again could be harmful for the body and cause dependence.

Percocet keeps on working for around 6-8 hours. In the beginning oxycodone will make the pain go away. Oxycodone will keep in working for around 3-4 hours which is normal like most of the painkillers. During this time Paracetamol (acetaminophen) also keeps on working along with oxycodone but its real work starts once the initial work of oxycodone has been completed. Paracetamol (acetaminophen) helps in prolonging the effects induced by oxycodone up to 8 hours. In simple words this week painkiller has the potency of doubling the effects of a painkiller.

The potency of oxycodone and the prolonged effect induced due to Paracetamol (acetaminophen) are the main benefits that percocet has over many other medications. So you should prefer it over many other painkillers of you are looking forward to buy painkillers online.

How does it act in the body?

It is termed an opioid medication. This medication works on the central nervous system to suppress the feeling of the pain. The main opioid component present in this combination medication is Oxycodone. When someone ingests a tablet it will go directly into their digestive system. Once this pill is in the digestive system, it will get dissolved into the blood. The blood will carry the salts/components of percocet all over the body. Destination of these components will be the brain which is the center of the nervous system. Once in these salts are in the brain they will shut down the pain receptors. Oxycodone is the salt that will induce this effect in the beginning.

The pain receptors in the brain are responsible for reading the signals of distress and pain coming from different parts of the body and turning them into a feeling of pain. When these receptors are shunned or shutdown, the pain signals that are coming from different parts of the body are neglected by the brain. As a result one does not feel any type of pain. In the beginning Oxycodone is responsible for inducing this effect. As the time passes oxycodone starts losing its strength. At this time Paracetamol (acetaminophen) kicks in. It will keep the pain receptors shut down for an extended period of time. The effect will be milder as compared to the initial effect that was induced by oxycodone. After around 6 hours the effect of both these salts will start wearing off and person using this medication will start experiencing pain once again.

Is Percocet a tested drug?

Every drug that is available in the market is thoroughly tested. It has to pass a huge number of tests before a company introduces it in the market. This medication was developed over a long period of time and in this time it was tested in every possible way to see if it’s safe for use. FDA only allows a drug to be sold on pharmacies if it is safe for use. So stay relaxed if you are planning to use percocet for pain relief. This drug is safe and it does not pose any threat to you if used properly and under a doctor’s supervision.

Does Percocet have any harmful effects during pregnancy and while breastfeeding?

It is a really strong neurological medication that works on the brain. It can be harmful for pregnant women and their unborn child. This medication and its salts could easily be passed on to the child from the mother both during pregnancy and after pregnancy through breast milk. These salts can seriously hinder the growth of the child brain and pose life threatening effects. So if you are a female planning to get pregnant than you need to stop taking this medication as soon as possible. Only take this medication during and after pregnancy if your doctor asks you too. An overdose during pregnancy could easily kill the unborn child, so be careful and only buy percocet online if you think it to be safe for yourself.

Does percocet affect people with other health problems?

If you are planning to use this painkiller than you really need to take a look at your health and medical history. If you are suffering from a breathing or respiratory problem than you need to avoid using this medication. This pill decreases the heart rate which could be fatal for people who are suffering from breathing, lungs and respiratory problems such as asthma. These people could be in great danger if they take improper doses of this medication. People with stomach problems, specifically those problems that cause bowel obstructions should avoid using this medication.

What is the shape and color of these pills?

Tablets that we are selling is yellow colored. It is oval shaped on the edges and rectangular in the middle. On one side of this tablet initials “PERCOCET” are embossed and on the other side “10/325”. This is the original shape of these pills. When you order percocet online from our store you will get the exact medication shipped to your doorstep.

How long does the effect of percocet last?

The effects last for variable lengths of time depending on the person taking this medication. For an average person this medication will work for around 6-8 hours. If the pain that someone is suffering from is severe than this medications effect can last for around 4 hours. In such circumstances you really need to be careful and take your dose on time. Doses taken before time could be harmful for the health and will surely cause side effects. Some of these side effects could be serious can cause permanent damage to the body.

Does it work equally for men and women?

Usually women need lower potency of majority of medications as compared to men. So women should try to take milder doses before using this medication regularly. Normally women will feel no difference from this medication and it will work in the same way as it works in men.

Who can take percocet?

This pill can be taken by anyone who is in pain. It will help in reducing all sorts of chronic pains. Any person who does not have a serious heart or breathing problem should avoid using this medication. Apart from this, every able bodied person can take this medication with ease. Just be careful that you get percocet online in proper potency.

What are the possible side effects of percocet?

There are many different side effects that could be caused by various painkillers. It contains two painkillers and these two painkillers have their own side effects. So as a whole this medication has more side effects than most of the painkillers. Some of these side effects could be quite serious in case of an overdose. Following is a list of side effects that people usually experience:

  • Stomachache
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Itching
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Yellow eyes
  • Altered heart rate

These are some of the common side effects. There could be many other side effects apart from the above side effects. If you experience any other side effects apart from these or these side effects get serious than you need to stop taking this medication and consult a health professional as soon as possible. Else you might suffer from permanent damage to the brain and the body.

When and how to administer this medication?

Percocet can easily be administered at almost any time. The best time to administer this medication is when you feel some sort of pain. If you don’t have any pain in your body than you don’t need this medication.

In order to take this tablet you will need half a glass of water. Place the tablet in your mouth and swallow it with water. Remember one thing, never administer these pills to yourself or someone else if you have consumed alcohol recently. Combination of alcohol and percocet could be really harmful for the body and induce serious side effects that might be hard to treat.

How long one should use percocet?

This is not a medication to be used for a long period of time. Usually doctors will recommend using this medication for a few weeks. In this period one should try to use such medications in the right amount in order to avoid problems. Long term usage of this medication can induce withdrawal symptoms which could be hard to deal with. So always use this medication as prescribed by your doctor or else you will have a hard time quitting this medication.

What are the available doses of percocet?

There are two different doses of this medication. Mostly people prefer to buy percocet 10/500 online because it is cheaper and people take half pill for smaller doses. Apart from this you can also buy percocet 10/325 online, this dose is equally beneficial. The decision rests in your and your doctor’s hands on which tablet to use. So chose the dosage that best suits your requirements.

What is the required dosage of percocet?

In most of the case the required dosage of this medication can only be calculated by a health professional. So consult your doctor if you wish to skip a bit of hassle. If you wish to find out the required dosage on your own than you need to start with milder doses. You could start with half pill of percocet 10/325. If this dose is not sufficient than you could move towards a higher dose of 10/325 pill. Yet if dose is not enough than you need to take a percocet 10/500 pill which is the strongest percocet dose that is available in the market. If this dose doesn’t work for you than you need to consult your doctor who will suggest some other medication. Taking an extra pill is not a good idea so avoid it.

What happens if you miss a dose?

If you have missed a percocet dose than you can take it any time when you remember that you have missed the dose. You will need to adjust the time of next dose accordingly when you have taken the missed dose. Take the next dose when you feel that the effect of the dose is wearing off and you start feeling the pain.

Why Percocet?

There is a very simple reason why you should select percocet. The main benefit that it has over many other painkillers is that, it’s a combination medication. Two ingredients present in it work together to ward off the pain for a prolonged interval of time. The working time of this medication is comparatively longer as compared to other painkillers sold in the markets.

Can percocet be used for a long term?

It is not a medication that one should use for a long period of time unless or until prescribed by a doctor. It can cause dependence which could be hard to treat. So if you are planning to use it or already use it, than you need to keep in mind that it could be addictive. Try to stop the use of this medication as soon as the problem causing the pain is fully healed.

Does percocet cause addiction?

Yes! It can cause addiction if you don’t use it in proper dosage. Try to be as careful as possible in order to avoid addiction. Percocet addiction is quite common nowadays so if you have gotten yourself addicted than you can easily find a rehabilitation center near you to quit your addiction.

What are the precautions to be taken while taking percocet with other drugs?

It can have serious effects if it is mixed with other painkillers and neurological medications. So buy percocet online and use it only if you are not using any other neurological medications such as benzodiazepines or opioids.

Who should take safety measures while using percocet?

People who are using anxiety medications and those who suffer from heart and respiratory problems should take appropriate safety measures before using this medication. If proper safety measures are not taken than one could suffer from side effects that could become life threatening.

How should percocet be stored?

It needs to store at room temperature somewhere around 25 Celsius. The medication should be kept in a dry place away from sunlight. Storing it in a hot place will damage the medication so be careful.

Can elderly patients use percocet?

Yes elderly patients can use this medication but only after consulting their doctor. A doctor will tell the proper amount of this medication that will be needed by an elderly person. Most of the elder people require milder doses of this medication so if they are not consulting a doctor than they should try to avoid using & buy percocet tablet.

What should you do if the drug doesn’t work?

You need to relax if this drug doesn’t work for you. In some cases it could take some time for this drug to start working properly. So never take a second tablet if your first one isn’t working. Apart from this some pains could be so severe that this tablet might not make the pain go away completely. In that case don’t take another pill, you need to wait until the pain decreases on its own over the passage of time. Taking an extra tablet will cause side effects.

What does the packaging of percocet look like?

This medication comes in 10 tablets packaging. These tablets are packed in an air tight packaging in order to keep them away from air. The packaging might differ from country to country, generic percocet can come in a different packing.

Where can I buy Percocet?

You can buy percocet at almost any pharmacy near you. The only problem that you will have in getting these pills at these pharmacies is a prescription. Most of the people nowadays don’t prefer going to doctors because they charge hefty sums of money so if you are among these people than you will surely not have a prescription. In such case we are here to help you out, we are dedicated towards providing people who lack a prescription with painkillers. You can buy percocet online without prescription at our online pharmacy. All you will need is a credit card and a valid address for shipping. Once you have ordered your product online, it will be shipped to your doorstep in the next few days. So stay relaxed and try to buy medications from our online pharmacy because we don’t ask any complex questions that you might never like answering at most of the normal pharmacies.

Who can buy percocet through our online pharmacy?

Almost anyone can get percocet online from our pharmacy without any hassle. The only thing that you will need is a valid credit card that you could use to pay for your order. Along with that credit card you will also need a valid address where your order could be shipped. Also remember that you need to be over the age of 18 to buy these medications from our pharmacy

How will my order be shipped?

You order will be shipped through the best available shippers. We ship worldwide, almost anywhere in UK, USA and Europe. Our shipping rates also the best because we ensure proper delivery of every single order.

How much time does it take to deliver percocet?

It usually tales around 10-15 days for our orders to get shipped to your doorstep. Your orders shipment might get a bit delayed due to transportation hurdles that could be caused by weather and other such problems.

What if my order is lost?

If somehow your order is lost, than we would be glad to send a reshipment as soon as the shipping period ends. In case of reshipment we will not pay for the reshipment, you will be responsible for the shipping cost for reshipment.

Would I get special discount on percocet?

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