Codeine (Wilson) 30mg


Codeine can also be called an opioid because morphine is basically an extract from the opium poppy. Codeine has become famous because its affect is really strong and it can easily last for a day at times. Due to its strong effects codeine has been named as a prescription medication.


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What is Codeine?

Codeine is a pain relieving medication that is derived from morphine. Morphine is basically a synthesized from the opium poppy. This makes both morphine and codeine opioids. Opioids are basically semisynthetic medications and they are much better than synthetic medications. The main reason behind this is that opium is a really strong drug and anything extracted from it also carries same properties in terms of strength. The best thing about codeine is that its effect is not only strong but also long lasting at the same time. A single dose of codeine can last a few hours in the body.

How Codeine Works                                                  

Codeine is a slow working pain relief medication. It is usually given along with another pain relieving medication. The other pain relieving medication is a fast working drug that suppresses the pain initially. Once that drug has done its work codeine starts working and it helps in prolonging the effect of the main medication.

Uses of Codeine

Codeine has been a really common medication for a really long time. But recently it was made a prescription medication because people started using it as a recreational medication as it has some properties of opium in it. Doctors only prescribe codeine to patients who have injuries that produce pain all day long, codeine helps in suppressing such pains with one single dose for hours. Still, if you wish to wish to take it then you can easily buy codeine online and self-administer it to yourself.

Dosage of Codeine

The dosage of codeine highly depends on the pain that one wishes to suppress. The best way of calculating the perfect dosage of codeine is to start with smaller doses and then increase the dosage until the exact dosage that suppresses the pain is reached. The daily dosage of codeine should be no more than 300 mg because any dosage above this can incur side effects that could be harmful at times.

Precautions Related to Codeine 

Codeine is not a medication for people who suffer from problems such as heart, liver and lungs because codeine cause lowered heart rate and shallow breathing which could be a problem for these people. Pregnant women should also avoid taking codeine because it can harm their unborn child’s development. While same goes for the women who are breastfeeding. Some people might be allergic to opioids and they should not buy codeine online without prescription under any circumstances.

Possible Side Effects of Codeine

Codeine does not have many side effects until someone is allergic to it. Some people might feel a bit sleepy at times after taking codeine. So don’t be afraid when you buy codeine because it among the safest painkillers available in the market.